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Follow Me (Acoustic) Follow Me (Acoustic)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very well done

Ignore the comment below,
except for 'freaking' the lyrics were fluid and well done.
My only advice would be to push your voice harder next time. Try and hit some higher notes on the ends especially on the ee sounds and near the end. I'm not saying ball splittingly high just work it louder and harder and it will convey your emotions and make it a much stronger song, because at some points it felt like you were just reading it and not feeling it. And I think thats not true.
Good luck
Great song

TheEmoKiller responds:

Thank you very much.. yeah, his comment was very misleading, the guitar part was probably the most basic part of the song. 2 chords ftw.

I like the objectiveness of your review. I do feel I could I could be a lot more intense.. and as far as the high notes - I need to work far more on breath control. My range is pretty small for how long I've actually been singing, it disappointments me, but I make do.

I'm glad you thought it was great overall, and I might be posting some new songs up soon - I was trying to really find my niche in music - I was really into rock but I feel this far more chiller stuff is my comfortable zone.